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The Dick Moonlight PI Novels, Short Stories, and Novellas
News & Appearances:

April 21: Vince will be reading at Codex Books in New York City as a part of the PEN Lit Crawl "Noir" series. 


March 1:The launch party for THE DETONATOR at the Mysterious Bookshop in New York City. More details to come. 

Jan 20, 2018: HEAD a noir short is released

Dec. 24, 2017: NEWLY RELEASED: The collected Handyman Series, Season I

Vince will be reading in New York City on Sunday Feb. 18, 2018 at the Noir at the Bar. More details coming soon. 

Check out this new kick ass thriller collection of which I'm proud to be a part of: THRILLER FIRSTS

Vince is proud to announce that his literary, audio, foreign, film/TV rights are now being represented by Sam Hiyate of THE RIGHTS FACTORY

The third episode of the Handyman series, Savage Sins to be released Friday, November 24, 2017. 

DIALOGUE, blog talk radio, hosted by Susan Wingate will be hosting Vince Live From Italy, Tuesday 10AM (PST), 1:00PM (EST), November 21, 2017 

Vince will be reading at the Brooklyn Lit Crawl on Oct. 7, 2017

September 22: The 11th novel in the Chase Baker Thriller series is released. Chase Baker and the Spear of Destiny. 

July 21: The Embalmer (A Steve Jobz Thriller) is released.

June 29: Vince celebrates the release of his first non-fiction volume, "Pieces of Mind." 

May 29: Vince heads to Central America to research a new Chase Baker action/adventure novel. 

April 2: Vince will be reading from his newest novel, The Corruptions at the New York City Noir at the Bar at the Shade Bar, 6-9 on Sullivan Street in the NYU district. 

March 15: Hot off the Press! Chase Baker and the Dutch Diamonds

January 31: The Corruptions is released in hardcover, audio, and eBook.

April 2: Vince will be reading at the Noir at the Bar in NYC. 

February 19: Vince will be reading with Matthew Goldberg at the KGB Bar in NYC. Get the details here.

January 10, 2017: Vince will be the guest of bestselling author and radio host Susan Wingate at Dialogue, 10:00 AM PST/1:00 EST

December 19: Pulp Metal Magazine publishes Vince's short story, MOONLIGHT GETS SERVED

December 6: The editors and readers of Suspense Magazine select WHEN SHADOWS COME as one of the "Best Books of 2016."

December 2: 7:00PM Vince will be appearing and reading at Florence, Italy's first ever Noir at the Bar, sponsored by Libreria Much Mojo 

November 12: PUBLISHERS WEEKLY reviews THE CORRUPTIONS, and it's a beauty. 

November 5: Vince will appear at THE NEXT BESTSELLER in NYC Saturday evening at 6:00PM

October 1: From Publishers Marketplace: Zandri signs two book hard and soft 'nice' deal with POLIS BOOKS .

September 11: Vince hosts "Thrills in the First Person" for Writer's Digest University

July 1: 2nd edition of MOONLIGHT WEEPS is released. 

April 12: WHEN SHADOWS COME is Released in all formats!!!

August 10-12: Vince will be a keynote speaker and panelist at the 2016 Writers Digest Conference in NYC. 

April 2: The Albany, New York area Colonie Center Barnes and Noble will host Vincent while he signs hardcover editions of his new noir thriller from Polis Books, ORCHARD GROVE

Jan 17: Vince reads at the NYC Noir at the Bar at Shade. 6PM start. 

Jan 27: ORCHARD GROVE is launched at Mysterious Bookshop in NYC! 6:30 PM.

Jan 10: Vince signs new hard-cover editions of ORCHARD GROVE in Boston at ALA mid-winter meeting.  

Dec 19, 7:30PM : Vince will sign copies of the MOONLIGHT SONATA Italian Edition at The Goose Bistro near Piazza Del Duomo. 

Nov 21 & 22: Vince will be appearing in Rovigo and Ferrara, respectively. Click here for more.

Nov 17: The Italian tour for the Italian Edition of MOONLIGHT SONATA is going strong with a new interview produced at Feltrinelli Bookstrore in Ferrara. Catch the video action HERE!

November 14: Vince appears in Portoguarara in the far north of Italy.

Nov 6: Publishers Weekly calls ORCHARD GROVE "Riveting!" and "(A) chilling tale of obsessive love from Thriller Award–winner Zandri."

Oct. 9: MOONLIGHT WEEPS wins the PWA SHAMUS AWARD for 2014's Best Paperback PI Original

Nov/Dec: Meme has announced some November/December tour stops for the Italian translation of MOONLIGHT SONATA including Florence, Portogruaro, Ferrara, Padua, Rovigo...More to come...

October 16: Vince will be reading at the Queens Noir at the Bar

September 1: The Italian translation of MOONLIGHT SONATA is released by Meme Publishers. 

August 20: Thomas & Mercer announces that THE REMAINS has officially surpassed the 100K sold threshold. 

August 10: Vince will appear at Noir at the Bar in Queens on October 16.

August 4: Vince appears at the NYC Noir at the Bar.

July 11: A BIG WIN for Vince as he takes home the ITW 2015 Award for BEST PAPERBACK ORIGINAL

July 10: Vince will be a part of the "AND THE NOMINEES ARE... 2015 Thriller Award Nominees" at ITW's Thrillerfest in NYC at 12:15 PM to 1:00PM. He will also be signing 1st editions of his novels from 5:00 to 5:30PM.

June 4: The Private Eye Writers of America announces MOONLIGHT WEEPS as a SHAMUS AWARD Finalist for Best Original PI Novel. 

June 4: Vince to sign  with Thomas & Mercer for his new stand-alone psych/suspense thriller, AZIZ, in a "very nice deal."

June 24: Vince will be reading new work in NYC at the 
Guerrilla Lit Reading Series. More info to come...

May 27: New Vince Zandri Interview with Wall Street Journal Bestselling author, Robert Bidinotto, in his 
“The Vigilante Author”

May 21: Vince will be the guest of Fran Lewis on a "Special Edition" of the World of Ink Network Radio, 10AM EST.

May 18: Back from North Africa and France research trip for Chase Baker IV.

April 13: Vincent is the guest of Suspense Magazine's Johnny Raab tonight on SUSPENSE RADIO, 730PM PST and 1030PM EST

April 2: Polis Books signs New York Times bestselling author Vincent Zandri!

"New York Times bestselling author and current Thriller Award nominee Vincent Zandri’s ORCHARD GROVE, a contemporary cross between DOUBLE INDEMNITY and THE POSTMAN ALWAYS RINGS TWICE, along with rights to Zandri's previously published novel SCREAMCATCHER and one more new novel, to Jason Pinter at Polis Books in a three-book deal by Chip MacGregor at MacGregory Literary Inc."

March 30: This just in from ITW: "Vincent Zandri’s novel MOONLIGHT WEEPS has been selected as a finalist in the Best Paperback Original category for the 2015 International Thriller Writers Thriller Awards. The winner will be announced at our gala Awards Banquet at the Grand Hyatt in New York, Saturday evening, July 11th, during ThrillerFest."

March 24: The 2nd edition of THE SCREAM CATCHER is released!

March 14: The release of Vincent's short film noir recently shot in Hollywood: Hollywood Noir

February 25: Release of the Action/Adventure Story Bundle featuring novels from NYTimes and USA Today Bestselling authors, Vincent Zandri, Lawrence Block, CJ Lyons, and more releases today for a limited time only. 

February 14: The new edition of THE GUILTY, Jack Marconi PI No. 3 is released. 

February 8: Vincent will be appearing at the NOIR AT THE BAR in New York City on Sunday, March 8, with Tom Pluck, Reed Farrel Coleman, and more. Details to follow.  

February 7: EVERYTHING BURNS Partners in Crime Virtual Tour Announced. Stay Tuned for Tour Stops and Dates.

February 1: Official release day for EVERYTHING BURNS.

Jan. 14: EVERYTHING BURNS enters its third week at no. 3 in overall Amazon Kindle Sales. 

Jan. 13: Bulgaria chimes in on Vincent Zandri.

Dec. 11: Vince will be appearing at 'Noir at the Bar" in Queens. The reading begins at 7:00. For details, go to: https://www.facebook.com/events/906381532713206/?pnref=story 

November 24: SUSPENSE MAGAZINE chooses THE SHROUD KEY as one of the Best Novels of 2014.

November 9: PULP! boxed set is re-released.

November 7: Vincent is featured in a major article in the Italian Magazine LISTONE!

November 4: Vince will be interviewed by Italy's DTV about his books and the upcoming publication of the Italian edition of MOONLIGHT SONATA.

November 4: Vince will be appearing at Feltrinelli’s Bookstore in Ferrara, Italy to present and speak about the forthcoming Meme Publishing Italian edition of MOONLIGHT SONATA.

October 23: CHASE BAKER AND THE GOLDEN CONDOR is released!

October 10: Vince will be appearing "live" from Italy on WebbWeaver Books Blog Talk Radio to discuss his books and read from his new thriller, MOONLIGHT WEEPS. 

October 7: The second in the new CHASE BAKER THRILLER series, CHASE BAKER AND THE GOLDEN CONDOR is now available for pre-order on Kindle.

September 5: The 8th full-length novel in the Dick Moonlight PI series is released by Down & Out Books, MOONLIGHT WEEPS. 

is published exclusively for Kindle.  

August 7: Vince appears on FOX  NEWS in an interview by Claudia Cowan about the publishing wars and authors caught in the middle. 

August 4: Vince will visit the FOX NEWS studios in New York City to discuss his books and the state of the new publishing paradigm. 

July 16: Vince makes a guest appearance on Bloomberg TV's "In the Loop" to discuss the business of publishing as it relates to his recent New York Times feature. 

July 13: The NEW YORK TIMES features Vince in a major article about his novels with Thomas & Mercer of Amazon Publishing. 

July 13: You can catch Vince reading at the "Noir at the Bar" event at Shade on Sullivan Street in NYC's Village Sunday at 6PM. 

July 7: PATHOLOGICAL, the short film begins its Kickstarter campaign. Check it out here. 

September 2014: Vince heads back to Italy to tour the Italian translation of MOONLIGHT SONATA. Reading and signing dates to be announced soon. 

June 28: Pub dates are announced: EVERYTHING BURNS (Thomas & Mercer): January 2015. MOONLIGHT WEEPS (Down & Out Books) September 2014. Italian translation of MOONLIGHT SONATA (Meme Publishers): September 2014.

July 13: Vince will be a featured reader along with Reed Farrel Coleman, Sarah Weinman, Ben Lieberman, and more at the Sullivan St. Tavern in NYC's Village. 

June 29: Vince flies into San Francisco where he'll spend a few days R&R after his research trip to Nepal and India. Then it's on to New York for the summer. 

June 11: Vince heads to NEPAL to explore the foothill jungle territory and then on to INDIA. The two week trip is intended as research for what will be the third novel in the CHASE BAKER series.

June 3: New "Very Nice" contract with Thomas & Mercer for EVERYTHING BURNS is signed and sealed. Look for the new novel in December, 2014. 

May 6 & 7: News of Vince's Italian translation of Moonlight Sonata hits newsstands in Italy. The book is also featured at  Al Salone del Libro in Torino.    

April 18: Vince to sign a "very nice" mid five-figure publishing deal with Thomas & Mercer for his new stand-alone literary thriller, THE BREAKUP. Details to be announced at a later date. 

April 10: Local Pride...Vince is voted in the Top 3 Best Local Authors by readers of Metroland Magazine for the 6th consecutive year. Thanks Capitaland!

April 9: DEADLY DOZEN hits the USA TODAY Bestseller list for the 6th consecutive week. The anthology contains MOONLIGHT SONATA.

April 4: DEADLY DOZEN hits the USA TODAY Bestseller list for the 5th straight week. 

March 22: Pre-Production for the Albany area shoot of PATHOLOGICAL based on Vince's noir short of the same title, continues. Vince has completed a shooting draft of the screenplay and a casting call is scheduled. Check out the film's website here.

March 21:  BREAKDOWN, a piece of non-fiction that first appeared in  Conor Friedersdorf's Culture 11 Magazine, is published exclusively on Kindle. 

March 20: DEADLY DOZEN enters into its second week on the NYTimes Bestseller List (e-Books) and its third week on the USA Today list. 

March 12: Vince nails a spot in The New York Times Top 20 for "Print and eBooks" with Deadly Dozen anthology by The Twelve. 

March 5: Vince nails the USA TODAY bestseller list with Deadly Dozen, his 12 Thriller Anthology with The Twelve. 

February 23: PULP! the collection of two bestselling hard-boiled novels and a novella is released. 

February 16: Vince pens a nice 3 Book deal with DOWN & OUT BOOKS for 3 new Dick Moonlight PI novels. 

February 15: The October 2014 "Moonlight Sonata (Italian Edition)" tour for Rome, Florence, and Milan is confirmed, with additional tour dates on behalf of The Remains, to be announced for the UK in November.

January 30:  Vince will be appearing at THE BIG BOOK CLUB on a panel for "The International Thrillers" along with bestselling author and CNN journalist Kitty Pilgrim, former Doubleday Editor turned novelist J.E. Fishman, and more, Saturday, February 22, 12:00 noon at Mohegan Sun.  

January 8: IndieReader announces its pick for the most "22 Kick Ass Heroines" in popular noir fiction. Spike Harrison of THE CONCRETE PEARL comes in at no. 7!  

January 3: THE SHROUD KEY is awarded Best "Potboiler" Novel of 2013 by CrimeFictionBlog

January 2:MOONLIGHT SONATA is the subject of a new feature in ITW's January 2014 issue of The Big Thrill Newsletter.

January 2: A new travel feature, MY MUSE FLORENCE is published in inTravel Magazine

​January 1: Author Gary Ponzo interviews Vince about his fiction and his photojournalism at Strong Scenes

December 1-31: SUSPENSE MAGAZINE reviews THE SHROUD KEY, Zandri's first novel to be published under his own imprint, Bear Media,calling it "masterful."

November 14: Vince will appear on 
Dialogue Between the Lines, "LIVE from Italy," with Susan Wingate at 1:00PM EST/10PM PST. 

November 10: A slightly different version of Full Moonlight, is released by PI Roman Dalton author, Paul D. Brazill in Poland, and all over Europe. 

October 18THE REMAINS sells 40,000 copies in paper/ebook/audible over a six week period. Hits No. 9 overall in the UK and No. 10 overall in the US. Also Top 10 in Canada and India. Thomas & Mercer reports it as their top seller for the month of September. 

September 20: StoneGate Ink releases the 5th Full-Length Dick Moonlight Novel, MOONLIGHT SONATA

September 18: Vincent is featured in The Albany Times Union in story by Michael Janairo called, A Landscape of Murder.

September 16: Ben Sobieck and Crimefictionbook.com provide an in-depth review of THE SHROUD KEY.

September 15: The new Seattle PI interview.

Septmeber 6: The long awaited release of THE SHROUD KEY, the first in the Chase Baker series is here. You'll recall Vince traveled to post-revolutionary Egypt 10 months ago to research the book.

August 17: Zandri will be the guest of Pam Stack at Authors On The Air out of Miami Florida at 12:noon EST. 
August 6: Zandri sells the foreign rights to his entire existing catalogue to MEME PUBLISHING  in Paris and Milan. His books will be translated in Italian and French, to start with. 

August 1: A brand new interview with VIncent Zandri by ITW's "The Big Thrill Magazine." Zandri discusses his newest novel, The Guilty, plus ilfe and publishing. He also reveals his secret plot to steal the  Kuwaiti Flag of f the Kuwaiti embassy in NYC.

July 31: The New ediition of MOONLIGHT FALLS nails the top slots in Amazon Hard-Boiled Fiction, plus the Overall Top 20 at Barnes & Nobles Nook, and Kobo.

July 4: THE GUILTY, the third in the Jack Marconi PI series is released...

June 27: Amazon Publishing has announced the intro of their Kindle Worlds line of books...This past Spring Vincent was commissioned by AP to write a short X-Files novel, "X-Files: Resurrection" which he completed in mid-April...Look for it at Kindle World near you soon!

June 6: Vincent's Living Ready Webinar on Travel Preparedness is now available. Click here for details.  

June 6: The Summer edition of LIVING READY is published along with a feature by Vincent about being stranded in the African bush country. Get the story here

May 9-23: Vincent heads to Peru and the Amazon Jungle to research the second novel in the upcoming CHASE series. 

July 2, 2013: Authors on the Air, Online Radio, will host Vincent at 11:30 AM EST

July 12 and 13: Vincent will be signing copies of his novels at the Grand Hyatt as a part of ITW's ThrillerFest and FanFest. He will also be appearing on a panel discussion. Keep an eye out for details.

Septemer 19-20: Bouchercon is in Albany, NY this year, the setting of many Zandri novels, including the Dick Moonlight P.I. series. Vincent will be on hand to sign copies of his new novels for the general public.

September 21-22: Vince guest hosts The Next Bestseller(TM) Weekend Workshop
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